Laguna Food Pantry would like to thank the Assistance League

for its support and generous donation of $4,110.00.

Laguna Food Pantry offers free, fresh, nutritious groceries to low income families and individuals in Laguna Beach and surrounding communities.
By providing groceries at no cost, we hope to relieve financial pressures on people experiencing economic difficulties.
No one should have to choose between paying rent and putting food on the table, but that is not uncommon, especially in affluent areas like Orange County, where the cost of living is high.
Families are welcome to shop once a week for groceries donated by local markets and purchased from regional food banks. Our all-volunteer staff treats visitors with warmth and respect, as we recognize their stressful situation.
With the generous support of churches, private donors, foundations, schools and local government, the Laguna Food Pantry has been able to keep its doors open since 1993 to provide relief for local people facing economic difficulty.